Leather is tanned, and or finished in many
different ways. Below is some detailed
information and the three main categories
that leather furniture is referred to today.
You do not need to know your leather type
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Finished, Pigmented, Semi
Aniline, Aniline Plus & Everyday
These leathers have combined the best aspects of a
natural product (leather) and have utilized tannery
technology to create a product that is more uniform in
appearance and color (due to the applications of
pigments to the surface).  It then has a finish applied to
the surface that makes the leather more resistant to the
effects of heavy use.  The pigments and finish applied
to the leather do affect the softness and hand
somewhat.  As more pigment or finish is applied, the
softness of the leather lessens.  What determines the
amount of pigment and finish needed is: 1. The color of
the leather, 2. The selection of the leather, 3. The
desired level of resistance the finish needs.  
PROTECTED leathers are by far the most popular and
common types of leather sold on furnishings.
You can
prevent peeling and finish decay by having these
leathers cleaned, conditioned and re protected
annually. .
ANILINE Leathers, also known as Natural,
Unprotected, Pure or Naked Leathers
Above is an example of an aniline leather sofa after
years of limited to no attention. This situation is
preventable with an annual leather care check up.
These leathers are colored with transparent dye stuff.  This
means that you are able to see the actual surface grain and
markings.  It is as if you are looking through a colored lens.  
These leathers have very little or no protective treatments
applied to them.  The most common thing to do is to spray a
wax finish on the surface that gives short term water
repellence.  The actual way that the leather is made varies
from tannery to tannery.
NUBUCK leathers,...Also known as
Chaps, Distressed, Buckskin,
bomber or Suede leathers
These leathers are actually ANILINE leathers on which the surface has been
brushed, and have created a texture similar to velvet on leather.  Many people
confuse these with Suede leather.  Suede is the flesh side of a piece of leather,
and NUBUCK is an "effect" that is done to the grain side, making it incredibly
soft.  The brushing also makes the leather even more absorbent than ANILINE
leathers.  This makes these two leathers sometimes difficult to distinguish from
each other.  The most difficult to identify are the ones which are in the distressed
leathers category or which have waxed finishes applied to them.
We have
solutions designed to protect these type of leather. Call for details
Although not every leather piece falls completely
into one of these categories, it takes experience to
understand the correct method to service the
various types of leather in today's market. Let us
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