The repair of color loss on leather
has increased dramatically over the
last several years. Color loss can occur for
several different reasons. Sometimes an area
can be damaged by an improper cleaning
attempt. Usually a spot that is rubbed with a
product that is to harsh to be used on leather.
Other times simply rubbing to hard on the
surface can cause the color to rub off. For
older leather furniture, long term use with little
or no maintenance will cause the finish to
eventually give out.
Color loss is usually seen in
the headrest or arm rest areas.
The leather industry has changed over the years.
New types of finishes and a wide range of price
difference between similar looking products can be
Some of these newer finishes desperately
need proper cleaning and protection to prevent
what we call finish failure.
This usually occurs in
heavier used areas such as the headrest and armrests.
The edge of cushions and the corner of the cushions  is
also a starting point for most leather sofas that will have
this problem
Is it preventable? Can it be repaired? Will my
warranty cover it?

Proper cleaning and conditioning followed by a protective
coating can help prevent color loss. If you are already
experiencing color loss on your leather furniture, a qualified
leather technician can restore the finish. In most cases this
can be done in your home. Most furniture companies have a
1 year warranty on the outer covering of all upholstered
furniture. Leather or fabric. If you paid extra for an extended
leather protection program, you may or may not be covered
depending on the type of warranty, the company that covers
the plan, and what is actually covered. Since most color loss
is caused by improperly trying to clean a spot followed by
over rubbing, we highly recommend that you call your
extended warranty company before any attempt to repair or
clean yourself.
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Color loss
Leather furniture color loss damage or defect?
is my leather defective?  This problem is mostly with lower end
discount leather furniture. We recommend that you call the
manufacturer or seller as quickly as possible. Almost all
furniture stores will only warranty the outer leather surface for
1 year regardless of what is implied at the time of purchase.
After market warranty companies such as Stainasafe or
guiardian DO NOT cover color loss. These leathers should
most definitely be protected prior to use.
You should never apply under the sink cleaners to your
leather furniture. Advanced leather Repair will NEVER
recommend hairspray, alcohol, Acetone (finger nail polish
remover), Pledge wipes, Armor All, or any other non
designated leather cleaner product otherwise known as
home remedied. For ink removal, we highly recommend
professional help. A good thing to keep in mind is that if any
product is strong enough to remove ink it may also be
strong enough to remove the dyes and finishes from your
expensive leather.
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